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Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine


These machine are universal type shot blasting machine wherein any variety of components can be loaded on the table either manually or with lifting mechanism. The shot firing being only from top side jobs are required to be turned to expose all sides to the shot flow. The jobs which otherwise can not be hang or tumbled and very heavy are most suitable for this type of machine. We make following standard table sizes Any other size can also be made on request.

Glint- T- 30 With single /double /door table dia 30
Glint- T- 48 with single /double /door table dia 48
Glint- T- 72 with single / double /door table dia 72
Glint- T- 96 with single / double / door table dia 96
These swing can be increased in smaller models to suit some typical jobs which otherwise will need higher size machine.


Swing Table, Model - T-30
Swing Table, Model - T-48    

These machines are most suitable for small and medium size of jobs like Gears castings Forgings, Fabricated jobs etc. since the shots are impinged form top and bottom side and the hanger with components rotate about its own axis, the componets are cleaned from all sides at a time. The productivity of these machines is very high and it can be further enhanced by incorporating monorail type conveying system, so that components can be loaded and unloaded at exact destination points. We make 3 model in this design.

GLINT- 350 Hanger size dia. 600 x 900 mm height.
GLINT- 450 Hanger size dia. 1000 x 1500 mm Height.
GLINT 800 Hanger size dia. 1000 x 1500 mm Height.

All machine are double door type with pit foundation or platform for ease of loading / unloading. Material handling system to suit heavy jobs can also be offered at extra optional.

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