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Shot Peening Machine For Gears

Residual stresses are those stresses remaining in a part after all manufacturing operations are completed, and with no external load applied. These residual stresses can be either tensile or compressive. For example, a welded joint will contain high magnitude residual tensile stresses in the heat affected zone adjacent to the weld.

Conversely the surface of induction hardened components may contain residual compressive. In most applications for shot peeing, the benefit obtained is the direct result of the residual compressive stress produced, A typical profile of residual compressive stress produced. A typical profile of residual compressive stress as it changes with depth is shown in figure below.
( + )
Tension + 100
( - )
-100 Compression


Shot Peening Machine For Gears
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We make shot peening machines for various application specially designed for particular type of components. which are subjected to cyclic load hence prone to failure by fatigue in long usage. We can satisfy the technical specification to all standards like SAE JIS DIN etc.

All conditions for Shot peening process in the component drawing will be fully met with and practically demonstrated at our works to the entire satisfaction of quality engineers. We also train people on site for operation and maintenance of machines. We design & supply suitable fixtures for Almen strip holders to simulate the practical working conditions of components we also supply accessories like Almen Gauge, Almen strips holder fixtures etc along with the machines. Some of our installations in India for different components. are shown in the photographs.
Shot Peening
Machine for Gears

Shot Peening Machine
For Con-Rod

Shot Peening Machines
Shot Peening Machine For Gears
Shot Peening Machine For Con - Rod
Shot Peening Machines
Recently we have installed shot peening facility in house which is universal type where in all parameter are variable to suit the component. This is done with a view to submit shot peened samples for approval, to establish design parameters and shot peening specifications for your components. we can help you in enhancing life of your components by shot peening at various intensities & coverage as a part of research & development programme
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